SZS Consultants LLC 
We are the developers of
CafeGiverInfo, OurMedEMS and OurMedDB

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Major Benefits of CareGiverInfo and OurMedDB

1. Maintains the medical information for every member of one or more families.

2. Minimizes data entry requirements by maintaining only the essential personal information required by

    hospitals, physicians, testing laboratories and EMS personnel. If you have iPhone 4S or later then you

    can minimize keyboard usage by using voice entry for every field other than passwords! If you have

    CareGiverInfo and iPhone 6 then you can enter verbally all information by having a conversation with

    your App!

3. Not all the information has to be entered at one time. For example, you may enter as little as one 

    medication for one person at one time.

4. Can store all the illnesses, treatments, medications, immunizations, allergies, tests and physicians for

    every person in the system.

5. Can keep a history of the results of previous tests, such as blood analysis, x-rays and MRIs.

6. Can copy the personal and medical information of an individual from one iPhone to another using

    AirDrop, a WiFi communicator thus avoiding any duplication of data entry.

7. All stored personal information is protected not only with the passcode of the device but also with an

    optional additional special password.

8. OurMedDB and OurMedEMS can provide EMS personnel emergency contacts and access to the

    required medical information even if the owner of the device is incapacitated. This is accomplished by

    displaying contact information on the lock screen of the device.

9. All the information is stored in an encrypted form directly on the device, avoiding any dependency on

    outside organizations to protect your vital information.

10. On both CareGiverInfo and OurMedDB a demo of the data organization is always available to help the