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OurMedEMS and OurMedDB

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OurMedEMS provides the capability to display up to 5 emergency contacts of a device owner as a 

Lock Screen Wallpaper of an iPhone. This means that EMS personnel can be informed of the proper

contacts even if the owner of the hone is incapacitated. The contacts can be listed in priority order giving their names and phone numbers. It is designed for IOS 7 or 8.

OurMedDB organizes and stores medical information for every member of any number of families and provides contact information to EMS personnel in case of an emergency even if the iPhone is locked.

It is also designed for IOS 7 or 8.

The key strengths of OurMedDB are the high level of security that it places on individuals' personal information and its user interface is SIMPLE and INTUITIVE. If you have iPhone version 4S or later then you can minimize keyboard usage by entering your information verbally.

If you have iPhones version 5 or later then the new version of OurMedDB can copy a person's medical information from one iPhone to another thus eliminating any duplication of data entry! This is accomplished using Apple's new AirDrop feature as long as both iPhones are located in the same WIFI area.

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OurMedEMS is FREE so download it from the App Store.

<-- OurMedDB can be purchased from the App Store for $4.99.

Have you ever experienced a problem with recollection when filling out forms at the office of a physician or at a hospital?

Have you ever taken a parent or a grandparent to a physician or a hospital and did not have the key required personal and medical information for that person?

Not recalling the results of past test results or the dosage of medications, or other things could lead to incorrect treatment.

OurMedDB can organize and store medical conditions, treatments, various tests and their results, immunizations, medications, allergies and the physicians of every person added to the program.

OurMedDB can store the date of birth, social security number, blood type and medical insurance coverage information for every person added to the program.

Have you ever been concerned that you may become unconscious due to a medical condition or an accident, and thus cannot convey to EMS personnel the medical conditions and allergies that you have, the medications that you are taking and the people they should contact?

Unfortunately medical emergencies and accidents do happen and EMS personnel need to know the injured individual's medical history.

OurMedEMS and OurMedDB both provide a list of emergency contacts with their names and phone numbers in user defined priority order. OurMedEMS can display 5 contacts while OurMedDB can display 3 contacts. These emergency contacts can be displayed as the wallpaper on the opening screen of the device even if it is locked.

Have you ever been concerned about identity theft and the vulnerability of your personal information when stored by 3rd parties?

We must all protect our personal information to avoid identity theft.

OurMedDB stores all medical information on the device itself with no Internet connection and the data is only accessible if the user enters a valid password. The user can manage all password related tasks without the involvement of a 3rd party. When a passcode is used then all medical information is stored on the device in encrypted form.

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